a 21st century gunsmith with 19th century values


Welcome. The Smithy Shop is your first stop when you have a broken firearm. We do not do custom work like adding suppressors or cutting barrels, we do not build guns from scratch, we do not put together “race” guns.

We specialize in repairing firearms. In plain language, we fix broken guns. We replace and fit parts that need replacing. We fit optional parts that were meant for your gun. We fabricate parts that are no longer available for your gun, if possible. We do grip and stock work, replace and install sights and scopes. We make sure your gun functions the way it is supposed to. We inspect your gun and let you know if it is safe to shoot, and, if not, what it will take to make it safe to shoot, if at all possible.

We do not try to do work we are not equipped or qualified to do. If it is something we do not do, we will tell you. We will also tell you who does.


We fix broken firearms. that is what we do.